Update 4
The main character
The main character of the game is Fenist the Bright Falcon. He is a mighty warrior who fought the dark forces that had come from another world many centuries ago, during the first confrontation of the worlds. Like all other heroes of that time, Koshchei gave him semi-immortality: an ability to quickly heal wounds, absence of aging and immunity to all diseases. That is why Fenist survived until today.

Fenist got his nickname Clear Falcon because he could speak the same language and approach one of the friendly birdlike creatures that had come from another world and were also opposed the Shadows. He gave Fenist the information about their world and the Shadows, allowed him to use his bird form, and in return, Fenist gave him part of his might. This nickname has almost not used these days, even though Fenist and this creature are still partners, and continue helping each other.

When the confrontation of the worlds ended, and most hostile Shadows trapped in our world were wiped out, Fenist realized that he didn't want to remain in the service to the Circle, and decided to live a normal human life. Over the several centuries that have passed since then, he had various adventures, has tried himself in many professions, and occupations, he has seen the world, and ultimately settled in a quiet town.

Fenist learned about the new confrontation of the worlds when he accidentally happened to be in the midst of events: at the place of the first direct collision of the two worlds. Due to this fateful moment, Fenist decided to go back to the Circle and to protect the world together with the other heroes.