Update 5
All the weapons used by the characters in the game are created based on the crystals found in the other world; they are the strongest source of energy. Currently, there are two types of crystals: natural and synthetic ones. The natural ones have been mined directly in the other world; they contain the power of both destruction and creation. The synthetic ones have been created in our world by blacksmith hero Svarog; they can only destroy.

Currently, the Circle uses many types of crystal weapons: from swords to long-range guns. Here are some of them:

The magic sword that belongs to the head of the Circle. It was created by Svarog and Koshchei many centuries ago, during the first clashing of the worlds. The only blade that uses natural crystals, rather than synthetic ones, so it is one the most powerful weapon available. At the moment, it is being worked on; here are some preliminary concepts:
Falcon Sword with a folding guard. At first glance, it is a regular sword, but actually, a synthetic crystal is set at the base of its blade; it gives the sword incredible power. Created in our time specially for the needs of the main character, Fenist.
Fenist's Gun. It fires small energy charges. Out of the longstanding habit, our hero relies more on the sword than on long-range weapons, so his gun is not the most powerful, but still can help when needed.
As a rule, ordinary members of the Circle, the Warriors, use ordinary swords, or powerful energy rifles created with the use of synthetic crystals.