Update 8
Current progress
At the moment, our team is working on a new iteration of the prototype of the game.

So, first, we are updating the combat system and move closer to the slasher battle system. We will tell about it in more detail (and show you ;)) in the next update, and this far, we will show a new weapon that will be available to the character: a two-handed unfolding club.
Second, we still hold the idea that there cannot be too many new versions of the character's appearance. So, we present the fourth version of armor for Fenist (the previous versions have already been shown in the main character update).
Third, a new gaming location is being developed at full swing, namely, the aircraft crash site. The scene is not completed yet, therefore, we only show the art concept of this level.
And finally, we would like to show the original version of Vasnetsov's painting "Knight at the crossroads". Somebody didn't want the past events to become well-known, so the painting was subsequently corrected. But we have the whole truth.