State of the game

Hello everyone!
We’ve gathered a ton of feedback about our game last year and started a huge overhaul. So we are finally pleased to give you a sneak peek of what we were doing for all this time.

First things first we’ve completely changed our visual style and look of every character in the game to create a recognizable image for Time of the Sword.
All of our characters are based on russian folk stories and tales so we decided to add more known and native details to them.

We are proud to present you the new image of Finist the Falcon - main character of Time of the Sword.

We’ve completely reworked all the weapons in the game and you will be able to feel the power of the mighty “Falcon” Sword and Elemental Axes of famous mage-warrior - Dobrynya!
We are going to tell you more about Time of the Sword armory soon, so keep in touch.

Visuals are not the only thing we’re working on. Gameplay took a major overhaul too in case of combat system in general and some mechanics in particular.
For example we added a brand new core mechanic called “The Drift” that has some serious impact on the whole gameplay.
Jumping to the drift is changing the environment around the player and opening the paths that have been hidden before. Also the drift is unlocking a new set of abilities and the pinnacle drift weapon that replaces the standard player’s arsenal and allows him to fight the enemies and solve puzzles.

In the Drift player can weaken some enemies to defeat them easily in the real world and some enemies can only be destroyed in the Drift state.

Speaking of enemies. We’ve been hard working on their behavior and AI. As a result enemies are learning players' behavior and combat style during the game and then developing counter tactics against it. It forces the players to change or expand their combat style and not to focus on smashing a single button. Learning time and variety of these counter tactics depends on enemy faction, enemy type and the difficulty level selected by the player.
We are going to tell you more details on that too. Stay tuned!